Art Punk Rock Trio TsuShiMaMiRe from Tokyo, Japan

WE Are The Asteroid : Special Mail Interview



Please introduce yourself. In other words, who’s answering the questions?

Could you tell us about your band? Anything from the members and instruments in your band and the genre you play to the unique personality of the band.

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Hello! This is Nathan , I play bass and sing in WE Are The Asteroid ( WATA). Frank plays drums , and Gary plays guitar and sings. We are a " freak rock" band from Austin Texas .

 What do you think your appeals are to the Japanese music fans? Is there anything that you hope them to look forward to?

We are loud and crazy. We hope Japanese music fans can relate to this approach

Who and/or what are your musical influences?

Our musical influences include the sound of a thousand frogs screaming

Could you tell us about your country and its culture? Anything brief will absolutely be helpful for some of our fans would not know what it’s like.

We live in Texas. So everyday we ride horses to eat at McDonalds.

What would you recommend to visitors from Japan? Could you perhaps come up with your favourite sites, shops, restaurants or even bars that serve good drinks?

Austin is full of bars and food! I would recommend eating BBQ and Mexican food, then going out to see a local band

Would it be your first visit to Japan? What kind of impression do you have about the country?

I was in Japan once. I played at Fuji rock festival as a member of the Butthole Surfers. I loved it!! Such a beautiful place, and good people .

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Apart from playing the shows, what would you like to do in Japan? Any particular places, food, drinks that you hope to experience while your stay?

We are really excited to experience as much Japanese culture as we can!! And are looking forward to the food and people. So many beautiful places.

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We love Tsushimamire!! Our friend Bryan got us to tour with them last march in the US. They are a fierce band!! One of my favorites. And we had a great time with them every night. It was a true privilege. Mari, Mizue and Yayoi rock!!

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Bryan Nelson , Jackie , Jimmy! They are TsuShiMaMiRe's US manager!!!!


TsuShiMaMiRe are very much looking forward to hanging out with you all after gigs throughout the tour! Do you think you can perhaps join us? What kind of fun/entertainment are you looking for at after-parties?

Oh we will join you!! And are always open for fun after the show!! You know

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What are your hopes/expectations towards the tour? Anything particular that you look forward to?

We hope to play for as many people as possible, to share our music and attitudes with everyone .
What do you think your shows can offer to the Japanese fans? What should they expect of you?

We can offer the Japanese fans a window to view our crazy minds and be part of them for a while

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During the tour, we will be having Japanese bands such as KINOCO HOTEL, MASS OF THE FERMENTING DREGS, MowMowLuLuGyaban and Arukara as guest performers. What do you expect of them?

We have no expectations, and will just enjoy the show!


You will be touring with musicians from Australia, Japan, Korea and the United States. What would you like to achieve/what sort of experience would you hope to have through touring with a group of multinational musicians?

It will be fun to meet and play with everyone , and share ideas, music and culture. We believe we are very lucky to live in a time where this is possible. Music is a common language for all of us, as well as the joys and challenges of being traveling musicians .

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We are going to play in Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe (Hyogo), Nagoya (Aichi), Sendai (Miyagi) and Tomakomai (Hokkaido) this time around. Among the cities above, do you have any cities that you are particularly looking forward to visit? If you can name one, why are you intrigued by the city?

All of these places are new and exciting to us with their own unique characteristics . We look forward and are intrigued by all of them.

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Are you planning to sell your CDs/any band-related merchandise at venues? Any Japan-only items that your fans can expect?

Yes. And we have special CDs only for Japan.

Let me thank you again for your touring with us this past March and April! Please share an interesting episode you had encountered with TsuShiMaMiRe during the US tour. Do you have any good stories that our fans wouldn’t even imagine?

Touring with Tsushimamire there was so much laughter!! Thank you, we were very lucky to tour with you!!


Please send your loving message to your fans in Japan.

We are the asteroid cannot wait to play for the people of Japan!! Come join us!!

Please feel free to add any information that you’d like to announce to your fans.


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