Art Punk Rock Trio TsuShiMaMiRe from Tokyo, Japan


Tsushimamire opened fan site “Tsushimamire Gundan”!!

It will have special Tsushimamire things (like live recording and each members column etc)

”Tsushimamire Gundan”

GUNDAN Members receive many benefits and all the latest info!
We're planning some exciting interactive events also.

◾️Rare footage and new live mixes every month
◾️Ability to send and receive DM's, chat
◾️Links to live streaming events in Japan
◾️Lyric translations
◾️Ad-free content
◾️Digital downloads
◾️Exclusive content
◾️Behind-the-scenes content
◾️Early access
◾️Fan requests etc…

Come join ”Tsushimamire Gundan”!!
We would not exist without our fans.
Thank you for supporting TsuShiMaMiRe !!