Art Punk Rock Trio TsuShiMaMiRe from Tokyo, Japan

TsuShiMaMiRe "Fuku-bukuro" on sale!!!


We release special goods for you guys!



Tsushimamire " Fuku Bukuro" grab bag.
The Japanese New Year tradition of fukubukuro , a " mystery" grab bag of many items at a low price is available for a limited time from today until 2/10 !
Every bag is a different surprise and contains many goods from Tsushimamire

“Tsushimamire Fuku bukuro 2017”

Every bag includes
1.MIzue’s hand made “Cotton Mr.wee wee”
2.Yayoi’s hand made “Prastic Mr.wee wee fortune plate”
3.Oden Comic written by Mari “CAMABOCO 2 “
4.Poster with signature
6. CD
7.instant picture of Tsushimamire

and more 2 or 3 items !!

You should be very happy!

Click here!

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