Art Punk Rock Trio TsuShiMaMiRe from Tokyo, Japan




(日本語) 2017.3.18(土) 下北沢ろくでもない夜 つしまげる

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2017.2.18. Sat Who the Bitch presents『Bitch Fes. 2017』

2017.2.18. Sat  Who the Bitch presents『Bitch Fes. 2017』 OPEN / START : 13:00 / 13:45 3 Venues  : Shibuya WWW / CYCLONE / GARRET (more…)

2017.2.14. Tuesday @ FIRE BIRD , Shinmatsudo


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February 10 (Fri) Chiba LOOK [Mari & Yayoi & Mizue's ONE-MAN]

This is our last show with Mizue! (more…)

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2017.1.18(水) Takadano-baba CLUB PHASE 

Rock it the limit.2017「METYA-METYA-EEYAN!!」6DAYS. OPEN 17:00/START 17:30  ADV ¥2,800/DOOR ¥3,300/D別 We start 17:30!!! (more…)

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2017.01.15(日) @Osaka Minami-horie knave

We will start 20:15~! OPEN / 17:30 START / 18:00 adv / ¥2000  door / ¥2500 (more…)

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2017.1.14.(Sat)@Kichijoji Silver Elephant

2017.1.8(sun)@Yotsuya Out break【Giving Blood GIG】

【献血ギグ】 11:30open 12:00start 当日献血でライブご招待! 「献血ソング」を献血カーが横付けされた四ツ谷アウトブレイクで歌います! ticket_button (more…)

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(日本語) 2016.12.29(Thu)新宿JAM

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2016.12.23(Fri /holiday)Shibuya LUSH
TsuShiMaMiRe One band Show「GO TO 18 YEARS」

Dec 23 Friday / Holiday TsuShiMaMiRe NENMATSU ONE MAN [GO TO 18 YEARS] yellow_02 OPEN 18:30 START 19:30 TICKET adv. ¥3000 day. ¥3500 +1drink order *At the Bar counter, you can choose "Free Drink" with ¥1500 cash until the end of the show. Ticket on sale! You can buy at Shibuya LUSH and e+ eplus : URL http://sort.eplus.jp/sys/T1U14P0010163P0108P002208166P0050001P006001P0030001 And you can reserve ticket online! ticket_en_button [GO TO 18 YEARS]SPECIAL *We'll play newest songs! *We'll sing "KANKI NO UTA 2016." *TSMMR's original Food and Cocktail! *Free Drink + ¥1500 *Let's HANG OUT after the show! Come to see us! It's gonna be crazy great party!